I’ve Got The Power

it's gettin'..it's gettin'.. it's gettin' kinda heavy

12 comments on “I’ve Got The Power”

  1. i like very much your post-treatment of the picture, adding a confusion of cables. the same idea that fight for power creates a lot of confusion. and for the music i’ll stand with John Lennon’s “Power to the People”!

    1. yeah, i had a hard time getting those scratchy lines in the photo, so thanks for appreciating it xxoxoxoxox i’ve never heard that john lennon song!

  2. You get the point across perfectly with all of those myriad of cable lines. Friendship

    1. hehe, just scratches… thanks sis xoxoxox

  3. wow, that’s a lot of wires. i wouldn’t wanna live under that : – )

    1. haha, yes, it would be messy! xoxoxoxox

  4. I definitely love this shot with the added scratches. Brilliantly done.

    1. awww, thanks, Michael! xoxoxoxox sweet comment

  5. Powerful and confusing enough to let my brain work…it’s all about connections…isn’t it?

    1. it is a bit confusing looking, isn’t it? sorry about that lol

  6. The scratches make it really intriguing. Nice one 🙂

    You definitely got the power. lol 😀

    1. definitely got the power, definitely gettin’ kinda hectic lol thanks, sweetie xoxox

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