For Sale

Honestly, where would one get parts?

14 comments on “For Sale”

  1. other collectors and enthusiasts who have learned to make the parts. that’s a very cool car. love your capture.

    1. oh i see!! thanks for the info! and thank you for your kind words xoxoxox

  2. WHat a delightful point of view for this classic. You would be surprised how you can get parts for these old beauties. Friendship

    1. yes! i probably would be surprised lol… thanks! xoxoxoxox

  3. There are car junk yards that have parts galore.

    1. from that old of a car??

  4. True! I like the different perception.

    1. thank you, Nivin! you have a beautiful site! xox

  5. I can imagine driving around with my wife in this car…

    1. awwww, that’s so sweet… xoxoxox

  6. Wow … if I had the means, I would get that car.

    1. it’s beautiful isn’t it? xoxoxox

  7. i love this pic, nice day to you !

    1. thanks, Roland… why do you never comment on a current pic? are you ashamed of me? lol

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