Calilillies and Cotton

10 comments on “Calilillies and Cotton”

  1. so unique. so beautiful.

    1. awww, you think? it’s just from my mantle 🙂 thank you, sis xoxoxoxoxxox

  2. love the title too

    1. thank you, like a title of something a bit bigger than this picture tho 🙂

  3. The cotton sure is lovely.

    1. thanks, Michael… it is pretty and soft for sure… xoxoxox

  4. beautiful composition, Elaine.

    1. thank you, Francis xoxoxxo

  5. Beautiful light! and a good composiiotn! I’m noy good at all when I have to photograph flowers !

    1. awww, thank you! i don’t pay enough attention to flowers to get good at photographing them! xoooxoxoxox

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