Chanel, Nuit

Coco Chanel is my fave perfume… my fave used to be Oscar De la Renta, but they no longer make it. Oscar used to mix with my body chemistry and make something sublime; I used to get so many compliments on it, people would beg me to tell them what perfume I was wearing… I hesitated to tell because I knew it wouldn’t smell the same on them, and sometimes people would come back to me angry, thinking I had lied and didn’t tell them what perfume it was. Oscar wasn’t cheap, so I can understand. What was I supposed to say? ‘Try mixing it with your sweat… or maybe your pee, yeah that’s it, PEE!’ Just joking, I never said any such thing. Besides, I only wore it on my wrists… well, higher up my arm so that I wasn’t washing it off when I washed my hands… One wouldn’t think the arms are full of interesting glands or whatever.

L'Esprit de Chanel... COCO

Alas eventually, Oscar changed, or my body chemistry changed, and the magic was gone… I was heartbroken and didn’t wear perfume for many years, then I got multiple chemical sensitivities, probably from repressed perfume angst 🙂 Then when I forgave and went back to buy Oscar, I found out it was no more.
And frankly, I just buy Coco because it smells nice on it’s own, I have never been able to find another perfume that interacts with me in such a heavenly way… sniff sniff… and now i’m too disabled to hang around perfume counters for hours, trying out perfumes.

I smash and crush Coco on my wrists; you aren’t supposed to do that because it changes the scent.. but I consider the change positive 🙂 In my way, I’m making the scent original to me. Maybe not TOTALLY LIKE ME, but somehow mine.

wow, UPDATE, I just found some Oscar for CHEAP at a drugstore, I think it’s either a knockoff or clearing out old stock… Needless to say, I bought some, we’ll see…. UPDATE TO THE UPDATE, i just figured it out… what they stopped selling was the PERFUME, they now only sell the eau de toilette, which i never liked… oh well, it was cheap.

12 comments on “Chanel, Nuit”

  1. an intriguing result of your pic and background story. i don’t bother with perfume because it dissipates from me not long after i apply it, for some odd reason.

    (the girl’s lips remind me of pics of you)

    1. thanks,sis!! it’s a bit of a story huh? lol and i know a bit about perfume disappearing, Coco does that on me fairly quickly too, Oscar didn’t tho! 🙂
      thanks about the girl too, she’s powerful cute! lol

  2. As a person with allergies, a very little perfume can have a huge effect. I do like that very cool photo.

    1. that very true, i remember when i was sensitive, it was nearly impossible to find somewhere i could sit in a movie theatre!
      thanks about the photo, it’s SOOC

  3. The tones of your photo are deep and rich. It’s nearly an abstract—which is a good thing.

    1. thank you, Phil… I didn’t even process it, at all…it’s great that you stopped by! xoxoxoxoxox

  4. fiction or not fiction? any story is a fiction, even autobiographical, our vision of ourselves is a fiction once we write it. and your story here is a good one. a good one which is in line with your photo.

    1. i’m trying to think of what part is a fiction lol nice mind fuck, Francis lolol

  5. I don’t know what you are talking about. Well, I do, but I have no idea how one perfume is different from another. I guess the smell differently, but I never took the time to figure out the difference. But I know the feeling you talk about. You have found something that makes you world different, and suddenly it’s disconnected or out or whatever. That sucks, doesn’t t!

    1. they have made entire movies about perfumery lol… yes, it does suck… i used to walk around suffused in a heavenly scent cloud… those were the days!

  6. Anywhere in the totally unorganized house should be a little book, in german langiage with title “Perfume”.
    I was told my father in a moment of his life evaluated the possibility to learn how to make perfumes. Not sure why he went on a different road …but I’ll look for that small book…
    Your photo is simple very good, the contrast in the light and darkness, the colours and geometry, yes I see a geometry in shapes’ lines, circles…everything is so good…

    1. wow, your dad? really? i can only think of what a headache he might have had a work lol seems like such a romantic career though!! i’ll bet that’s an interesting book!
      thanks about the photo!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

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