Apocalypse Now


My husband said he will believe it’s end times when the 7-11 closes, and the next day I saw a guy on a youtube channel I watch point out that his 7-11 had shut down.

The end is extremely freaking nigh!

10 comments on “Apocalypse Now”

  1. these are definitely uncertain times.

    first thing i thought of was it’s like you were on a stakeout.

    1. you mean fixin’ to rob the 7-11? lol nope, it was just a drive by…. it lolol

  2. These are such uncertain times, nothing surprises me! I like this stealthy view. Friendship

    1. yes, very uncertain… what is happening to the world as we know it??
      thanks, about the pic xoxoxoxox

  3. The 7-11 here still does a booming business. I hate to even walk past because there are so many people at times.

    1. oh yes? well, maybe there are just toooo many 7-11s here lol xoxoxox

  4. oh that is a good point, Elaine! and i like your shot to go with it

    1. yeah, 7-11s are like cockroaches lol thanks, Ayush xoxoxoxoxox

  5. No 7-11s here but yest, these are the times of uncertainty…and we do not know what the future will be like…

    1. yes, it’s weird how the past is no longer a reflection of what the future will be… yesterday may very well not be at all like tomorrow xoxoxoxox

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