In case you can’t read the quote it says: “Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.”

I got that picture for a wedding present about 30 years ago…

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  1. I never knew ALbert EInstein got so mushy! What a fabulous wedding gift! Friendship

    1. yeah, he was a fun guy lol he was my hero when i was young 🙂 thus the wedding gift

    1. lovely poem, i’m honoured that my little pic could make such a creation come out of you xoxoxox

      1. This was my first reading on your blog which inspired me so much. You seem to have a deeply beautiful mind. And I love your profile pic where you man is resting his forehead against your head and your eyes are shining with love, proudly for the rest of the world to see. May you guys stay together forever. Amen!

      2. Amen! a beautiful mind like russel crowe in that movie? hehe… i took our profile pic on the day we decided on how we were going to retire, what sort of property to look for… i was indeed happy and full of love 🙂 your profile pic is great too! you’re very handsome! xoxoxox

      3. I’m hearing from only one-half of you, where’s the other half of yours to chime in? 🙂 I always love couples who are so much in love with each other and the energy flowing around them makes me feel like those singing birds on trees during sunrise. I’d love to know your journey no matter how painful it was until you reached your lovely hubby. Have you written about it somewhere on your blog?

      4. my husband got a raw deal… he married me when i was a successful computer scientist, and i became chronically ill after that… we have been thru much hard times, but both of us know that we would be dead without the other… about your poem, there is that new kind of love, which is a torrent of brain chemicals lol… but when you have been married for a long time, and you practice a deeper love, it’s not something that will just fly away easily… but it’s hard to explain 🙂

      5. Oh wow! you and I share at least two interests i.e. computers and lovely couples 🙂 LOL…

        For us geeks and nerds, its usually hard to put in words what we feel deeply. I encourage you to write your take on love someday which may help seekers like myself on the same path where you have already found your destiny.

      6. it’s a hard path, my friend… all the reasons your friends to get a divorce? you have to stay and work harder through all of those reasons… my husband and i are a universe to ourselves 🙂

      7. Hmm… interesting… I’d love to talk more on this subject but in comments section, it will become too complicated. You and your hubby are welcome to get in touch with me via my Contact page and maybe we can chat with each other some day. Or I’d very much look forward towards you writing on the subject matter I raised. Stay this lovely and keep spreading those awesome vibes around! 🙂 hugs and lots of love…

      8. i loved talking to you… thank you so much for stopping by my blog and brightening my day xoxoxoxox

      9. Pleasure is all mine 🙂 (Amir bows with two red roses.. one for you and the other for your hubby)…

      10. awwwww!! how charming xoxox

      11. say, what plug in are you using? i got an email that you liked my post/comment… it said [NOTES]

      12. It is Jetpack.

      13. PAID version? i only have the free version… thanks!

      14. I’m on free too since I prefer spending money on dating beautiful women. ha ha ha… just funny sarcasm.. hope you don’t mind 🙂

      15. hahaha, well you might as well use it or lose it lol

      16. ha ha ha … absolutely true. 🙂

  2. He really was quite the philosophical fellow.

    1. yes he was… i loved him… tho it was mostly coz i loved physics lol he was the human extension of that love

  3. What if that person falls in your lap in some bar? Gravity under the influence!

    1. haha!! well, it’s not exactly one of Newton’s laws lol you’re funny xoxoxox

  4. i love this and it’s one of his quotes i had not heard before

    1. awww, thanks… it’s a cute quote isn’t it? xoxoxox

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