10 comments on “Grace”

  1. Ooo, so pretty with a feel of mystery

    1. awww, thank you sweetheart! xoxoxoxox you’re so kind

  2. Yes, grace is a total mystery. I like the mood you have captured. Friendship

    1. thank you, my dear xoxoxox it’s a light purple mood 🙂

  3. A very interesting bit of Elaine Art. Wonderful.

    1. thank you, Michael 🙂 it’s mostly just my nice lens xoxoxoxox

  4. Fitting for Halloween … cool song too!

    1. really? the picture is more spring than fall… you must be in the handing out candy kinda mood xoxoxox 🙂

  5. oh this is a creative shot, Elaine – very philosophical

    1. aaww thanks, my friend, it’s just a sweet portrait lens and a crop 🙂

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