Please excuse the questionable image! I just made a composite to go with the song

14 comments on “Jolene”

  1. A good song but a scaring picture! Scaring but well done, I like how you combined the texture and the face… 🙂

    1. you think it’s scary? i never thought of that! i think maybe everyone is just getting in a halloween mood lol
      altho, the woman in the song is definitely scared of Jolene 🙂
      thanks for your kind words about the picture, i don’t like it much, but she’ll do for a mysterious representation of Jolene xoxoxoxox

      1. Maybe not really scaring but disquieting yes!

      2. ok, disquieting then… we’ll go with that xoxoxox

  2. it does have the feel that she’s under duress

    1. i guess… i think the pic is tacky, but it’ll do lol thanks, sis xoxoxox

  3. I thought sure you would have DOlly Parton singing Jolene for this one!! What an intriguing portrait. I like it a lot. Friendship

    1. I’ll always pick a good cover of a song over the original lol thanks for your kind words! xoxoxox

  4. I think that is absolutely delightful. There is something about the beautiful intense eyes that get to me.

    1. awww, thanks, Michael xoxoxoxo

  5. Haunting picture …. I am more partial to the Mindy Smith remake of Jolene …. it actually has Dolly Parton singing at the end

    1. that’s a beautiful version! Mindy Smith… thanks about the picture i made, i don’t like it much lol

  6. Hello, I like how you combined the texture good montage!

    1. Hi Roland!! thanks so much! good to see you!

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