Baby, You’re Sick

my husband is a bit of a road rager and when i complain he gets angry and says ‘THIS IS THE WAY I DRIVE!!’… None of that romantic comedy slowing down to keep me calm, nope.

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  1. I confess, road rage scares me. I guess we all have things that annoy us about our partners. I am sure my hubby gets annoyed by me too. I like the lighting in your photo. Friendship

    1. yeah, my husband is more like road irritation than road RAGE lol… but it makes him drive fast and stuff, too close to the bumper in front, stuff like that… it’s very stressful for me! xoxoxoxox

  2. As long as he doesn’t act too strenuously on that rage.

    1. he just drives aggressively, which i hate… it’s dangerous

  3. his response proves your title : – ) cool shot.

    1. lol ya lol… ‘baby you’re sick’ is just a line out of the song 🙂
      thanks, sis xoxoxoxox

  4. Love this photo because of its colours and that special light. and the blurr makes it perfect…

    1. thanks, robert, you’re so kind xoxoxoxox

  5. i think it also depends on what sorts of drivers do you meet on the roads, Elaine. but yes, i think all of us could benefit by taking in a deep breath and focussing on something else ahead in the day.

    1. yeah, tempers all around are running a little short these days… a sign of the times xoxox

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