8 comments on “Food!”

  1. I like how you focused in this one. Friendship

    1. thanks, sweetie! xoxoxox

  2. such a beautiful presentation, which i always like to aim for in my own cooking. love the sparkles in the image.

    1. i will pass on the compliment to my husband 🙂 i’ll bet your presentation is beautiful xoxoxox

  3. That is wonderful. Great looking food and a lovely shot.
    I keep thinking I should photograph some of my wife’s cooking but it is always so good that I can’t waste time doing that. 🙂

    1. hahaha! i know what you mean… this is actually a picture of the cutting board during cooking lol it’s easy for me to take pics then xoxoxox

  4. i like the close crop on this Elaine, looks fresh and nutritious!

    1. thanks, Ayush! I wish I could say I ate it lol xoxoxoxox

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