yeah, I’m not ‘neurotypical’… i was one of those coder mathy spectrumy kids… it would be nice to be normal I think.


8 comments on “Normal”

  1. love that, elaine : – )

    1. thank you sweetie, you do my heart goood xoxoxox

  2. I am not sure what “normal” is. But I know my hubby and I are not it. Love the sign. Friendship

    1. lol well my hubby and i are definitely not it, but isn’t it nice that we are married? 🙂
      i have the sign in the kitchen on the stove xoxoxoxox

  3. I oft say to my wife she is not normal, otherwise I had not married her LOL and I’m not normal too…and this is why we are a nice family LOL

    1. lol yeah, nice is not the norm these days, i find it shocking lately!
      it’s a good thing when two not normal people find each other, love love!! xoxoxox

  4. That is funny. Perfect for many families.

    1. lol funny, i agree, and so utterly utterly fitting lol xoxoxoxoxox

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