looks like my there’s some diabetes happening with me and it’s time to change my diet…

12 comments on “Mushaboom”

  1. I love mushrooms and these look yummy. take care. Friendship

    1. nom nom mushrooms 🙂 xoxoxox

  2. That certainly is a tasty shot.

    1. cutting out sugar etc is hard 🙁

  3. sorry to hear you’re having to make adjustments. hope it works. yummy shot.

    1. thanks sister, i’m feeling pretty sorry for myself lol xoxox

  4. A good photo with a good proposal…

    1. thank you, robert 🙂 xoxoxox

  5. ils ont l’air très bons ces champignon

    1. Oh oui! ils étaient très bons! Merci d’être passé! xox

  6. I’m going to bed and now I am hungry … it looks so delicious

    1. going to bed in a fasted state is good haha, so ‘they’ say, i can’t staaand going to bed hungry! xoxoxox

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