They just passed a law here that you can’t walk out of your front door without a mask on, or the police will fine you… i have never felt so claustrophobic and trapped before

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  1. I do not mind. I am still alive. I will do what I can to keep it that way. Friendship

    1. i’m still alive, coz i stay at home, but to think i can’t sit out in my driveway and get sun and air… i don’t like it

  2. and yet it’s for your own and others protection. think of it that way. that person needs a mask.

    1. i do breath work out in my driveway, and get some sun… and now i can’t… i stay home for everyone’s protection

  3. I believe you can still sit outside without a mask. Just if you go around other people.

    1. ooh gosh, i hope you are right, Michael!! thanks so much xoxox

  4. The mask doesn’t bother me anymore … odd in the beginning because i wasn’t used to it … but now I don’t even notice it.

    1. yeah, i’ve got asthma n’ such, the mask bothers me! lol xoxoxox

  5. I can understand your feeling but personally I would never dream to go out without a mask: it’s still too dangerous here (Italy) and I try whatever possible to minimize risks. Be strong, be safe 🙂 wash your hands and do not forget to smile 🙂 even wearing a mask 🙂 🙂

    1. oh, yes! i went and bought some masks off of amazon that have a clear material in the centre so that people can see me smile 🙂
      i know that italy got hit super bad, it was horrific, wasn’t it? i’m so sorry…

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