I’m posting early to test my new blog layout…

In spite of how pretty this building looks, it really stinks! hehe

It’s a sewage treatment plant.

6 comments on “Stinky”

  1. Isn’t it great that when reality stinks (in this case, literally) photos can help us escape? Nice processing. The video is certainly thought provoking. Good post, Elaine.

    1. i agree, i escape with processing photos and such, it releases some nice ‘calming’ chemicals in my brain 🙂 and yes, that video might raise some stinky shit in itself lol thanks, Phil xoxoxox

  2. Maybe we need a dose of the smell to go with the lovely moody shot.

    1. lol you’ve never driven past it? it’s right under the alex fraser bridge… thanks about the shot tho… a friend of mine says people probably think ‘why the heck is she taking a picture of nothing?’ about my photos lol but i pride myself on taking bad pictures haha

  3. absolutely love the image (especially since i can’t smell it). love the hues.

    1. oh i knoooow, the smell is awful!! like driving past a farm with a load of poo just put out for fertilizer lol
      thanks, sis! xoxoxox

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