UFO sighting

Of course I didn’t notice the ‘UFO’ until i processed the photo! Looks like something out of star trek… see? over the tree?

'I'm not saying it's aliens.. but it's aliens..'

i know what you’re thinking, ‘it’s a bird, it’s a plane..’

10 comments on “UFO sighting”

  1. Yes, kind of spooky looking. But as you said, a bird? Friendship

    1. it is a bit weird and LOOKS like a UFO picture because, of course, it’s blurry lol xoxoxoxox

  2. Very very cool shot. And I love the title.

    1. awww, thank you, Michael!! you get me, you really get me xoxoxox

  3. i like it! especially with the street lamp poking in and the UFO at the back, Elaine.

    1. thanks Ayush, just when i thought i had taken a total photo of NOTHING, turns out there was a UFO in it haha

  4. it looks like a bird. either way, i love the result.

    1. lol i know, sister…. and thanks xoxoxox

  5. They are here, the aliens I mean ! LOL, I love the photos of nothing, most of times they are not injteresting even boring. But when they work, like in this case they are beautiful, I could imagine a story starting from this photo. But I cannot tell you: “they” would not like …

    1. yes!! boring photos are my jam!! after everything went digital it was my only hope of staying interested in photography, it’s hard to explain lol i just lost it that everybody and their dog could now be photographers lol i know that’s probably stupid, but i was used to film… so i said i would do something nobody else would do, and that was deliberately be a BAD photographer lol yes, boring photography, that’s my game 🙂
      a story that can’t be told, i understand, they are listening lol xoxoxox

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