Bridges of Our County

6 comments on “Bridges of Our County”

  1. wow, this is a fav for me of your images.

    (gotta love the new, sleek design as well)

    1. I like that bridge too, sherri! xoxox
      I’m having some trouble with the design, the logo doesn’t fit. the one that you made me… and i don’t know how to make 1 post on the front page and 3 columns of thumbnails in categories and stuff 🙁

  2. That is a gorgeous shot. I have been over the Port Mann too many times in the last few years going to medical appointments.

    1. Hey, Michael… thanks so much. How are you doing with your treatments? xox

  3. This. Is. Great.

    1. yes?? i love that bridge myself… one of those feats of mankind i guess 🙂
      thank you, boo xoxoxox

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