Flock of One

and I ran.. I ran so far away..

14 comments on “Flock of One”

  1. What an eeerie mood in your image. I like the mist and silhouettes. Friendship

    1. i think there is something wrong with my photoshop lol the vignette did NOT look that dark when i was processing it! sorry for scaring you lol xoxoxox

  2. exceptional portrait. love, love

    1. aww, thank you, sweetie xoxoxox

  3. It’s dark but there some light is around 🙂 let’s smile…love your image…

    1. lol, thanks robert oxoxox yes, do, let’s smile 🙂

  4. I spent a great deal of time in 2019 with gulls for companions while I was in VGH.
    This is kind of a sweet shot to me.

    1. yes? do you know, when i get super lonely, i make friends with tiny spiders who make little webs around the bathroom sink… they can tell, they don’t run away, they are good company 🙂 i feel ya xoxoxoxox

  5. une ambiance maussadz complétement en accord avec mon etat d’esprit du moment

    1. thank you, and yes, i think the whole WORLD is in a moody state of mind! we do what we can xoxoxox

  6. i really like the silhouette, especially the twiggy looking branches, Elaine.

    1. i wish i was twiggy looking haha, do you remember twiggy? or are you too young? xoxoxoxox thanks, Ayush

  7. You now I love that song! That bird is in such a moody photo …. love it

    1. lol that song takes us back to the days when they predicted the end of the world coz of an eclippse hahaha… little did they know

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