Keyboard Warrior

What would we do without our tools?

12 comments on “Keyboard Warrior”

  1. Grab a pencil? I like the small white writing. Interesting treeatnent! Well done!

    1. thank you, robert!! i don’t think i even own a pencil haha xoxoxoxox

      1. LOL maybe next year Santa will bring you one!!! Of course, only if you will be good… 🙂

      2. i have never really been good at being good even though i try to be good! lol

  2. On my Facebook posts I have been doing post about the things I find walking the few blocks that I traverse around My home. Many pens and pencils.
    With my hand writing, however, computers are best.

    1. lol really? perhaps one day they will be fossilized relics of our doomed civilization! can you fossilize a bic pen? lol

  3. this is a very clean shot of a clean looking keyboard!

    1. i try to keep it white, doesn’t always work lol thanks, Ayush xoxoxoxox

  4. Funny you posted a keyboard … mine broke … on the plus side, I got this new goofy, multi-colored illuminated keyboard

    1. oooooh, i want a new goofy, multi-coloured illuminated keyboard!! send me an amazon linkypoo lol

  5. we’d have to really adjust our way of thinking

    1. yes, i think it was Nikola Tesla who predicted wireless devices that would fit in the vest pocket and our world would be such that we couldn’t get by without them xoxoxoxoxox

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