Blister in the Sun

those were the days, seems like we were carefree with the summer sun on our faces and no masks and… you know.

8 comments on “Blister in the Sun”

  1. Those were the days. I hope we will get back to those days. Friendship

    1. oh gosh, i hope so too!! xoxoxoxox

  2. nice street capture

    1. thank you, sweetie xoxoxoxoxox

  3. We will eventually get there.

    1. looks like the world is about to implode! i hope we get there soooooon xoxoxoxox

  4. Soon, soon, soon … those days will come back .. and I’m a pessimist.

    1. it’s just so weird that they are doing this to the whole WORLD… ‘lockdown’ isn’t a medical term, it’s a prison term

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