Things I can’t do anymore, like go for a walk.

Oh wait, I have seen headlines in the last few days that we are in a POST-pandemic… thank you mainstream news for all you have done for us.

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  1. Post? It seems just to have started…. But the prospects are looking better than ever. Now let’s get life back to some normalcy. And you better start warming up those shoes.

    1. yeah!!! i swear an article SAID that we are POST-pandemic!!! but the media has controlled a lot of the narrative, so i think it just shocked me how nervy it was lol

  2. Nous avons surement économisé sur l’usure des chaussures, mais le morale en a pris un coup.
    Heureusement, le vaccin arrive, Espérons qu’il soit efficace…………….

    1. saved on shoes lol you do have a way of looking on the bright side of things lol xoxoxox

  3. I like the dreamy feel. Here we are still very much mid pandemic. Friendship

    1. it’s odd how that can just turn it on a dime in the media tho! xoxoxoxox

  4. Where was that news story. I have searched for it. Sounds like BS. We certainly are not post pandemic here. It is worst than at any point in 2020. A small town (10,000 people) with deaths and a a nasty outbreak in our hospital. 11 medical staff sick with it. Big outbreaks in the first nations communities. I talked my doctor into letting me go to the hospital only every three weeks instead of weekly because it is so nasty around here. And it seems it is only going to get worse.
    Sen me info on where you read that because I really want to see it.

    1. oh i don’t know where i saw it, though it was probably on youtube! I just glanced at the ‘headline’ and shook my head… I’m glad you will be going to the hospital less… i do all my ‘doctoring’ over the phone now!

  5. i like this crop on the shoes, Elaine. probably this pair did not get too many miles this year?

    1. hehe, nope! well, to be frank, they don’t get too many miles on a good year! xoxoxoxox

  6. the treatment for this capture is perfect

    1. thank you sweetheart! did i forget to put up a picturre today? my bad xoxoxoxox

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