The Road

The road we are on, it’s kind of blurry…

9 comments on “The Road”

  1. i like blurry / soft images and the color palette is exquisite

    1. ME TOO!! but you know that about me, i’ve been putting up blurry images since people called me stupid for doing it… to me they are wistful and beautiful… thank you, hon xoxoxoxox

  2. Stupid for doing something other than what they thought is proper? Tell them to do a search for pictorialist photography. There is a lovely one at

    1. yes, stupid for that reason… i actually used to shake, like with fear, when i posted a blurry pic back then…. that’s a lovely picture, i have never heard of pictorialist photography! thank you!! xoxoxoxox

    2. hehe, i was just reading about it, it made me laugh… it was a response by photographers to the new point and shoot cameras back then lol which made it so everybody could be a photographer, and that’s the EXACT reason i started my ‘bad photography’ thang, that became my schtick lol coz ‘digital’ made it so everyone and their dog were photographers lol somethings never change i guess 🙂

  3. The blur helps keep us guessing. Friendship

    1. lol thanks sis xoxoxoxox

  4. if one takes a look at the headlines in the papers, your title is quite apt, Elaine!

    1. oh i shudder to think of what the headlines are saying lol though i have heard they all have to recalibrate their diagnostic instruments coz they had a zillion false positives, stuff like that… and that everybody is starting to reopen everything suddenly, for no clear reason that anything has changed! things are weird, thanks Ayush xoxoxoxox

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