It’s odd, I’m feeling quite stressed, but I never think ‘I need a drink’… I’m just not wired that way, which is a blessing I’m sure!

8 comments on “Booze”

  1. however, to drink a little from time to time, it feels good

    1. yeah, i like drinking bailey’s just coz it’s so tasty! xoxoxoxox

  2. apparently somebody felt the need for a drink because they look nearly empty : – ) just kidding you, my friend.

    cool tilt for this content

    1. yes, but they have been up there for YEARS lol i’m not saying i NEVER drink lol xoxoxox of course i’m on the keto diet so can’t drink anymore!

  3. The summer of 1974 was the last time I had Southern Comfort. Smelling it makes queasy. Now the doctors say I am not allowed. I was never much of a drinker but a drop of Grand Marnier in my hot chocolate sure is nice.

    1. You know, a LOT of people have that kind of story about Southern Comfort lol weird. and even i can remember someone pouring me a juice glass full of it when i was about 14, and i drank it down and had to crawl home haha, but i can still drink it, or smell it even xoxoxoxoxox

    1. i don’t like that stuff lol xoxoxoxox

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