House Fog

House fog, not to be confused with brain fog…

10 comments on “House Fog”

  1. I think you enjoy fog photos. I like moody shots of all kinds too. Friendship

    1. fog is my fave thing to photograph! you are right! xoxoxoxox

  2. : – )

    love, love shooting in fog and the look of it

    1. me tooooooo, boo xoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. It looks kind of spooky. But maybe that is my brain fog 🙂

    1. i knoow right, it does look spooky! the trees don’t help lol

  4. i think i get some mystery in this shot/house, Elaine!

    1. a little bit of mystery that i will let be 🙂 thnx Ayush! xoxox

  5. A nice photo!

    1. thank you sweetie!! xoxoxox

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