All Year Round

These Christmas lights stay up all year round.

I wubz little white twinkle lights.

6 comments on “All Year Round”

  1. The blind makes a really nice texture for the shot. Good wyw for spotting that.

    1. thanks!! texxxxxture!! 🙂

  2. I am fascinated by the small red light dots. But Christmas all year? Is the place run by kids who just can’t get enough?

    1. Christmas LIGHTS all year! just the white twinkle lights, i have ALWAYS used those all year round, i love them… you just can’t use the coloured lights all year round, coz that would be weird lolol

  3. has the feel of headlights coming at me. if you hadn’t told what they were, it’s what i would have thought.

    1. oooooh, i see what you mean, makes the pic a little stressful haha, thanks sis xoxoxoxoxox

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