Thin Red Line

I’m so sorry! I forgot to post on Monday.. been busy!

10 comments on “Thin Red Line”

  1. a very unique image. love, love the artsy appeal.

    1. hehe, thanks sister, i just did it on a website, i was in a hurry coz i missed a couple of days, and oh my goodness i forgot to comment on other peeps, gotta run lolol

  2. Well that is a very cool image. You have a special mind.

    1. hehe, no not really…. webcam toy lol thanks tho! xoxoxoxoxox

  3. I always enjoy seeing your photos. You are so creative! Friendship

    1. you’re so sweet!!! thank you!! xoxoxoxox

  4. I got caught up in the details. A giant kiwi? And what does the sign say? And why are your eyes taped with red? But I love it. Makes me completely spellbound.

    1. lol my eyes are taped with red beause the photo was so risque they had to conceal my identity lol the kiwi has just escaped from kiwi prison, and the ‘sign’ is unmentionable 🙂 thanks Otto! xoxoxoxoxox

      1. Be careful. It’s always dangerous when an identity is revealed.

      2. not always 🙂

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