The Scream

Miracles come out screaming, screaming, screaming,

Oceans in which all in earshot drown.

To love is to uncomplicate the meaning,

Having heard the song beneath the sound.

Each livid angel recent ripped from heaven,

Raging at the tyranny of need,

‘Twixt ecstasy and terror seeks reunion,

Still homeward yearning, though but lately freed.

Destined to yearn ever, eventually

Astonished less and less, the child concedes,

Yielding to the mother’s silent plea.

12 comments on “The Scream”

  1. Love the editing. What did you do to make her scream? 🙂

  2. I can hear her from here!

  3. I hope she was posing for you:-)Next time have her say “cheese”….she has beautiful hair and we want to see her looking beautiful in another capture. Love your words.

  4. It is good to let it all out once in a while! Nice capture.

  5. Was she really screaming? Great capture she seems like she would make a great actress. The narrative is very well written, are those your words Elaine?

  6. Well, the opening picture (screaming) is interesting. I always enjoy your pics. The blog itself is nice and simple. Now as for the font, it’s very hard to see on old eyes like mine. I’m only supposed to wear glasses to read books, and I had to put them on to read the comments. But, the comments are for you and not me!! LOL

  7. I love this!! And I can read it. Thanks for changing it. I didn’t even need my glasses!! LOL I was hoping you wouldn’t be upset. Remember, we’re the honest ones. I’ll be checking in for updates.And remember to get that exam. A little discomfort now will save a whole lot of pain or worse in the future!!HUGS my kindred namesake!!

  8. I don’t know why, but I smiled at this one. Maybe because I remember how my son reacts when I take too many pictures of him. BTW Elaine, I added you as a favorite on VFXY and rated your pblog as wicked excellent.

  9. great light, great expression, cool shot!

  10. HAAAAAAAAAA….. his tongue was very red. Eskpresi that was funny. I love it. Regards from Yogyakarta INDONESIA.

  11. That’s my kid! She’ll do anything for her auntie…

  12. Munch would love this shot!

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