This is a very unflattering picture of my backside while I sleep… I saw it in my files and yelled at my husband, and he said ‘payback’s a bitch huh?’… I said, ‘I’ll post it, you’ll see, you’ll be sorry’… so here is a picture of my arse (the skin shot is not my arse, it’s my legs) in all it’s glory, my apologies for offending anybody’s sensibilities… 🙂 at least I blurred it for ya

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  1. Une ravissante et charmante photo.

  2. I’m taken by the bright colors of your night wear. A brave image, Elaine.

  3. Suggérer plutôt que montrer … j’aime beaucoup ce côté voilé. Un cliché plein de mystère et de charme. Bravo!

  4. LOL, your husband took a great shot of you. Nice soft effect!

  5. When I look at this picture laziness surrounds me and one sleeps me want 🙂 Excellent idea Elaine! Interesting processing, the composition of colours – as usual beautifully…

  6. lol I agree with your husband, a little revenge haha

  7. Nice composition with nice warm colors. The pause in itself is not offending, at the contrary, it gives an impression of flood, stillness. I like it!SwissCharles

  8. don’t think it offends… i see it as an intimate moment, a great one!

  9. Yes he did good. The soft focus effect is excellent. Nice and warm colors. Cool 🙂

  10. Hey that’s great, nice colors and nice music. tnx.

  11. Eh-hem! Now what was I mentioning to you the other day regarding said sleeping photo. Ah! But at least you play fair Elaine….and seem to have a lot of fun in the process!

  12. Nice soft focus. Not at all unflattering…actually rather sensuous and sleepy!!!

  13. lol! funny hubby! give him a pat on the back for me will ya? nice work! 😀 nice processing also.. :)haven’t found any shots like this in my hard drive yet.. no payback for me yet.. lol!

  14. le flou donne une impression magnifique

  15. Superb work. A bit hidden, a bit mysterious, a bit playful, a bit revealing… I really enjoyed this frame.

  16. Cute:-) So, hubby took this pic…both of you are talented with a camera.

  17. haha! bravo to your husband! 😀 very nice processing Elaine! 🙂

  18. nice image – may be he must make a photoblog too

  19. You are not afraid to expose yourself! The effect is very nice, you applied great lighting to the photo! Your loved one captured it well!

  20. Haha for payback! Anyhow, this photo reminds me very much of Lost in Translation.

  21. Like the softness of this, very nice…

  22. Ha, I guess you showed him!

  23. hehe — this is wonderful! beautiful soft light — glowing color!! hmm… sleepy-time!!! tell your hubby he did a faaabulous job — and kudos to you for posting!! 😀

  24. Nice abstract shot Elaine. Cool lines and curves.

  25. Lol, funny one again. Call it impressionism and we all buy it 🙂

  26. your french is excellent, but my english is bad.But i know that your ” photo” are excellent …ha ha

  27. wow… this is an amazing photo… a work of art that i would hang on the wall!-

  28. Ha. My what lovely sleep ware and He got your good side. 🙂

  29. Zygene l’a dit :)Ravissante!

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