Barking Mad..

The Gargoyle moved around her, making a sound like the old leather couch in the basement. Wings beating gently, allowing it’s stink to waft over her, and large, bush baby eyes, swivelled this way and that. He pulled and prodded her, sniffed and stared. Long claws brushed through her fur gently, and his smile was like a face full of broken plates.

“Become substanceless, and you will be free from here.” He beat his wings, and waited for her on the ceiling. She tried to let go. Return to the doggy bed in the corner. The safe place, but he wouldn’t let her go so easily.

“Not like that,” it hissed, “Be light, be shadow, be substanceless,” it showed her by becoming a wisp of smoke, and was gently pushed around by the airflow of the air conditioning.

“Now you try. Let go and fly.” He became solid again, and leaned over her in expectation.

She relaxed, felt her body start to break up, as one does when falling asleep. She felt herself float free of this straight jacket, fly up to the ceiling, and float gently along it to the light bulb. An affirmation got in the way, “I think, therefore I am” made her crash to the floor. She whined, to get ‘mommy’ to take her to the vet. Why do they have ceilings so high up anyway? Certainly not for dogs.

regurgitated from the writings of Ann-Marie

26 comments on “Barking Mad..”

  1. um, this is the creepiest photo of a little doggie i’ve ever seen. congrats!

  2. We must be on the same schedule tonight with our comments. Three blogs in a row, I typed in a comment, hit enter and when mine appeared yours was posted right above mine…lolThis is sweet of your angel baby. I wish our Yorkies wouldn’t look so scared when I point a camera at them. She’s sweet.

  3. Like the use of the flash here, nice contrast and texture. Unusal angle 😉

  4. READ THE WORDS! lol this is supposed to be scary! aaaaaaaaaah!! scream and run

  5. Ah, dogs dream as I do, of flying. I was thinking, looking at the photograph of a successful ceiling landing, or a bump back down to earth ha haThose words really put some thoughts and ideas in my head, many interpretations, many possibilities

  6. oh — i just love all the hints of different colors!!! he looks a bit like a squirrel in this shot! 😉 can we call him rocky? heheh — beautifully done — he nearly sparkles!! 😀

  7. Une bien étonnante photo, mais une belle photo.

  8. Nice baby – absolutly funny. Good sharpness – good work. I like it!

  9. He’s thinking… I wish she would hurry up and get this over with 🙂

  10. what a stunning effect, great

  11. There’s something frightening about this image. What is she doing like that?

  12. so funny, nice and creative work.

  13. Funny. The ghekko pup!

  14. Very surreal. Love the colors and your point-of-view.

  15. well, i’m definitely not scared of her.. she still looks cute from whatever angle.. 😉 she looks a bit pensive though.. as if intent on something.. a-ha! doggy treats! 😀

  16. She’s too sweet to be scary…just look at that face:-)

  17. Looks a bit like Lomo proessing, is he really mad?

  18. Yes, a bit scaring… but strong!

  19. Took some time to figure it out. Very moody and grim shot 🙂

  20. Cool perspective and looks like it just woke up from sleeping. 🙂

  21. Nice treatment, love the angle and the texture.

  22. Moving, beautiful…

  23. Yeah this is creepy but at the same time I must stare 😉 nice job with the texture.

  24. Great upside down idea here Elaine! Nicely framed!

  25. I am sure it’s because of the doggie food (: It’s scary!SwissCharles

  26. Strange and beautiful ! Bravo!

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