Eyes Wide Shut

Since my last selfportrait scared everybody so badly, I decided to make it up to you by shutting my eyes and being nice and calming..

35 comments on “Eyes Wide Shut”

  1. Interesting capture. The processing with the layer works well here.

  2. Didn’t scare me!This is cool, looks like the cover of an Indie music CD, a little Curt Cobain in style. Great processing

  3. Great self protrait El, I like the one with your eye open also, the textures work very well in the finished composition, great work.

  4. Great portrait, love the composition and the processing.

  5. Have you made a print to hang? That is really cool. Great compo and use of colour.

  6. see — michael is hinting at making prints to hang — i agree…!!! maybe if you hang up 20 in your home, you will get used to the idea of having them in a show!! (wink, wink) 😉 beautiful shot here — very intense — in the best of ways!! bravo!!

  7. That’s supacool! I love that ‘fake medium format’ framing. You look like Björk on this photo 🙂

  8. Thats some crazy stuff you do to your photos – but I like it. This is very cool frame. And the other one wasnt scary, silly you.

  9. like the crop and processing, interesting expression

  10. Impressive! This looks like a clip from the movie se7en. Cool!

  11. Cool shot! Le rendu est à la fois surprenant et original. Bravo!

  12. Your processing has elevated the image into the art realm.

  13. hmm.. i see a lot of self portraits nowadays.. 🙂 the texture really works well here.. great work! 🙂

  14. Scary? No…poignant? Yes.Nice, Elaine.

  15. Looks like a painting. Very cool processing!!!

  16. another amazing post, your processing in this is top of the line, I agree this should be printed and hung somewhere prominent

  17. Great effects. Wonderful eye.

  18. very beautiful color selection and framing

  19. Great processing again, the layers and textures are something that challenge me at the present! I agree with others here this one should be printed!

  20. This is way cool. You’re cool!

  21. This has the look of many pieces of art. Stunning result.

  22. maybe not quite the impact of the previous but still a superb image.

  23. Wow!! Thats a very very graphic treatment. Way too cool. Totally like you 🙂

  24. Very mysterious and dark, like the film :)SwissCharles

  25. This would look awesome on metallic paper. Good shot, good work after the shot.

  26. Dammit – Kristian’s made the point before me!! Serves me right for being so late I guess 🙁 I know what you think abt that movie, but your shot reminds me of it as well – the yellowing of the image, the decay creeping across the body: it’s like you’ve got the wretched heart of the city, the bleak disorienting city, crawling into the image. And that’s *very* cool. Se7en meets Leeloo 😉

  27. Not scary, rather moody and pondering! =D

  28. Wow amazing processing work. I really like the gritty feel to this photo!

  29. … it’s still very dramatic but the eye has gone 🙂 Good work. I have one where I look like an alien :-0

  30. you think this one isn’t more scary?? I’m afraid I’ll have nightmares

  31. Unusual processing… it’s like a nice neon poster feel, reminds me of the 70’s. I like it!

  32. Great processing, now I like the other one better, just for the fact that this one has a much darker feel to it for me. Great scary effects though. Nice

  33. After sometime looking at it… No, not scary, but I’d prefer the other…

  34. Awesome gritty details and intense processing. I’m diggin’ the square format…it does something for me that I’m not sure how to describe. I think I’d be scared more by this one than the other shot.

  35. I’m really enjoying the ‘artistic’ treatment of your photos…

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