I am not an animal!

I am happy every hour of the day.

Hey mister! Why’s your head so big.

I feel as if I traveled my whole life just to stand here.

Never, oh! Never, nothing will die, the stream flows, the wind blows, the cloud fleets the heart beats… Nothing will die.

I want to sleep like a normal person.

i am not an animal! i am a human being! i am a man!

You’re Romeo.

Elephant Man, The – 1980 Movie Quotes

23 thoughts on “I want to sleep

  1. OK, OK, it’s early in the morning and I need more caffeine… the photo loaded and something about the black outline on the right suggested a G-String/Thong! I know….. I know… warped mind and all that…. ha haNeat perspective, well handled…. I’m going for coffee now

  2. beautiful tones and textures here Elaine, i love the ‘furry’ nature of your husband… πŸ˜‰ he is a good sport to be featured so prominently in your work! a unique and wonderful composition — the background bokeh is lovely!

  3. I looked at the picture and finally figured out what it was, then I come in here and the first I see is Floogs comment… I have no idea what to say now, my mind is filled with thong images and a head… thats not right ;)Another great image of your favorite subject, knowingly or not… πŸ™‚

  4. Did you shoot your husband again while he was sleeping? Should I be worried for his mental health? Abuse or not this is a very cool perspective I am a big fan of this style of shooting. Well done abuse aside πŸ˜‰

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