Dawn bleeds, stars hide;

Foggy gray blue fields

Emerge from the Edge of Night.

By Mike Garofalo

21 thoughts on “Foggy Gray

  1. beautiful, ethereal mist!! quite ominous — but captivating indeed! something about strange weather and trailer parks… make me think of horror stories? 😉 but maybe just too much bad 80’s t.v.!!! a marvelous shot!!!

  2. A thick fog rolling in that day, fog to me always gives a mysterious feel to the shot almost expecting something to suddenly come running out of the forestvery cool capture

  3. A wow on so many levels. To English eyes, this slice of Americana with wooden houses and that huge car, are a joy, and then there’s the ambience of the fog.I’m liking this a lot, Elaine

  4. Love the mist, really creates the mood in this image. The colors remind me of something out of the past, even though the car isn’t. Interesting shot Elaine, it really grabs your attention to ponder and look at this picture.

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