Author: Tamara

When I look into your beautiful blue eyes

I can see the stars twinkling in the sky

When I feel your hand touch mine

I feel a warmth so deep and so fine

You have stolen a piece of my heart

I begged my heart not to love from the start

I told my mind not to feel

So as not to be blinded by something unreal

Look at me now on a rollercoaster of love

Heaven sent I think from above

You have turned my world on fire

Happy Birthday, my heart’s desire.

24 thoughts on “Baby Blue Eyes

  1. wow!!! how did you do that? just amazing!!! those eyes — so dreamy and starry!!! you better be careful Elaine — someone is going to try and run off w/ your man!!! 😉 faaabulous!!!

  2. There’s something horribly wrong here. Your husband’s awake! I does look like he was just asleep or is going to sleep, though. Hhaha.In all seriousness, it’s actually a very nice portrait. Love the tight crop.

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