Lost Bloom

To Whom The Rose Blooms

Most tender lost life-

forever in the dust

we remember you as you were

32 comments on “Lost Bloom”

  1. A yellow Rose. My favorite. Artsy image.

  2. An excellent image with is delicate and has very interesting PP. Fine work, Elaine.

  3. love your work darling — this has wonderful elements of life, death, intimacy and yearning… amazing use of textures — top notch results, bravo!!!

  4. Yep, looks like its over for the bloom, cut down too early, never to expericene full bloom… Nice processing and light here. 🙂 Like the color tones too.

  5. excellent … very fine work !

  6. Wonderful processing, love the textures and tones.

  7. Wow so artsy fartsy you. Its a beautiful image. Well done!

  8. Neat work Elaine, fabulous processing which gives this such a unique ambience. So nicely observed

  9. Looks like a pencil drawing, great shot and processing.

  10. wow beautiful work

  11. Gorgeous color and detail. Love the simplicity and textural processing. WOW!

  12. This is art… and heart too ;o)

  13. A strange looking plant, maybe poisonous or alien, I wouldn’t touch it.:) nice shot btw !

  14. A pod from Invasion of the Body-snatchers!

  15. Wonderful! You’ve captured this one perfectly. To me it looks like a bud that never opened, a gentle soul that never reached it’s potential. Love the background too – rough and shadowy around the edges. I’m sure that must be like if we are lucky enough to lead a long life!

  16. Delicate macro with original framing ! well done !

  17. This photo has a nice organic feel to it. I really like the textures you used… and the subject is nice and simple.

  18. This bloom is not lost, its just lonely. Nice tones and textures 🙂

  19. Wow, I love that texture, and it fits perfectly with the rose bud.

  20. This is gorgeous, subtle tones and the textured layer sets it off perfectly, really love this one!

  21. great flower ! i like the subtle shadow on it, the textures!!!! and the soft greenish colors …super s u p e r b !!

  22. great job capturing the details in this shot.. 🙂

  23. aceness.. i must say this is nice the softness of it… tis coolio..

  24. That a great image! I really love it :)Great colors, very nicely done!

  25. Lovely lighting and capture, such interesting processing so beautiful

  26. You chose a great texture. It almost looks like it’s printed on paper. Well, not almost.Another very cool shot.

  27. Wow great macro shot. This is a very unique angle you shot this at that makes it even better!

  28. Sad and beautiful.

  29. good use of color and texture

  30. excellent colors and textures

  31. this is a quiet and delicate shot…I like the muted colors and the grainy texture…very nice.

  32. Yay – I love this picture!! Such an awesome colour palette and ever spot-on composition! … Are you feeling Christmasy? Not long to go 😀

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