Curling Up

Curling up in my solitude
I heal quietly gaining strength
Laying low inside and out
Soon to burst forth with power

Shhh tired, harmed heart sighs
Insert new thoughts and food
Blood flowing slowly, soon full force
Uncurling, walking strong once more

by Theresa F Koch

16 comments on “Curling Up”

  1. Bless her little pea pickin’ heart. She’s such a baby:-)

  2. Beautiful processing, lovely textures, nice work!

  3. Almost abstract. Love how you get in so close to your subjects.

  4. A work of art on the processing front, which adds a whole new depth to the composition. Really nicely done, Elaine

  5. Mystic dog, cool. The curve of its head continues above with that piece of furniture

  6. The softness of love in picture form.

  7. wonderful processing again a lovely soft and pleasing feel to this shot

  8. Excellent processing…The thoughtful pup…Exquisite the whole.

  9. The title made me smile cause I can really relate to that feeling. Great story telling with this one, love it 🙂

  10. You do know they practice this look? I own (or am owned by?) possible the most spoilt dog in the world and he can still look forlorn at the drop of a hat! lolNice capture, the soft focus is nice and texture used to great effect as usual 🙂

  11. Nice processing, beautiful texture, great job!SwissCharles

  12. Your processing and overlay is excellent. Lovely ‘Arty’ shot.

  13. Love those textures

  14. surprisingly, that’s the thing i missed most while i was at the big apple even though it was so cold.. i didn’t wanna miss a thing.. lol.. great shot.. 🙂

  15. Fantastic colors, I love the teal in the background against the warm light on the subject. I also like how the texture adds a hint of mystery to the photograph.

  16. Love the grain and cozy feel to this shot.

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