Elevator Shoes

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  1. Awesome shot, Elaine. One of my favorites of yours. One of my favorite small details is that the elevator door’s either just shutting or starting to open.

  2. Did anyone look at you weird or mean for taking this shot? Neat capture for sure.

  3. Love the bit of light shining through the elevator door, great capture.

  4. Brilliant, Elaine. How do you think of such photographs? The little ray of light from the slightly ajar doors…. if it were my shot, there would be tales of an assassin the other side ha haNeat work

  5. sometimes I wished I’d the courage to take a shot like this too. good stuff.

  6. Excellent and original framing ! bravo !

  7. Before I even read your title..I thought this must have been taken in an elevator. Wonderfully creative. Love your point of view and the processing.

  8. Excellent. All the people looking down on the lift and you snapping their shoes. Well done.

  9. Perty neat! I don’t think this is a ‘bad’ photo as you wrote on facebook… Wicked cool 🙂

  10. Impressive composition Elaine. Great use of lighting and shadows. Like the effect and angle of this shot.

  11. Cool, mystic!Mista’ lobba-lobba: fantastic!Capturalistic!But no plastic!

  12. A shot many of us would never of thought of and yet here it is and so cool, wonderful idea and processing

  13. The shoes often reveal a lot of things, I find the angle brilliant and funnySwissCharles

  14. great blur image – I like it a lot

  15. Seems like two people having an engaging conversation at this moment.. very nice blur applied here Elaine! Great idea!

  16. Almost scary moment.. Stranger, black… Blurry.. Love the emotion here, even though we don’t see any faces.

  17. Great shot, really like the blurry, rushed, uncertain feeling that I get from looking at it. Uncertain feeling comes from what can be on the other side of the door (something that Eyes Wide shut mentioned)so obviously I also like the effect of the doors closing (or opening)Nice work

  18. I Great idea …!

  19. Once again, Elaine – you blow my mind! As I looked at this one all sorts of things were going thru my mind and then BANG! It hits me what this is. Excellent!!

  20. Elevator shoes in a tight spot, Elaine. I love it. 🙂

  21. lol! now that’s a pretty clever title for this one..

  22. OK who farted? Cool and creative shot! Well done you!

  23. Hey man… Nice shoes 😉

  24. So how did you take this so close without being challenged? I usually pretend I don’t know what I’m doing and I’ve pressed the shutter by accident, then cuss and tut at myself ;O) no one seems to bother me then lol. Well done!

  25. Wow cool photo. I especially like how the door is open a crack and light is shining through. Great idea!

  26. Feels like a secret spy kind of shot.

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