As the morphine coursed thru my body, i watched the walls shrink.  I felt like I was careening on the gurney, I looked up at the male nurse who was directing my path and said ‘Isn’t a hospital like a little piece of heaven?’.  He looked down at me in more ways than one.  I continued, ‘I’m seeeerious, you come in here in terrible pain, and they take the pain away, and cut you up and put you back together again, better than you were before, it’s a miracle really’… He harrumphed and with much disdain said, ‘if the government would let us do our work, maybe’.  I said, ‘passive resistance my friend, walk to the sea to get your salt back.’  which made more sense to me than it did to him, we sank into a lull again, and i thought it would be cool to see the blue man group on this drug.

21 comments on “Hospital”

  1. Well, this one is certainly looking out on the world! Another very unusual composition – and I hope it isn’t from your hospital room!! This one leaves me feeling sad and lonely.

  2. Interesting pov, great shot.

  3. Well, you know that I’m gonna like this post, Elaine, don’t you. Great words and a terrific image creating a very fine post indeed.Top work

  4. in a hospital, it is usually not comfortable, but it gives everywhere light … one only must see it !

  5. Great perspective! a light tone which is wonderful … well done Elaine.

  6. Great composition and sunset colors. I love the mood of this image!

  7. Okay, you want to know something ? I go almost each day to the hospital since last september to visit one of the most important person in my whole life who’s in very very bad shape, so….. I can relate to this post utterly, Elaine, and came to Aminus3 to wash my eyes up… Love your sentence “Walk to the sea to get your salt back”, we all have to do more often that we think that, haven’t we ? Sweet sunday to you, guyzzz…….

  8. Love how you captured this thru the vential blind. The colors are wonderful!!! And then – I read your accompanying story. Hope it’s fictitious..and not true…and that you are healthy and good and fine.

  9. stunning shot here. Love the sentiment seething through your image

  10. Hospitals always have the same view out the window…

  11. Wonderful shot out the window, I hope you were visiting someone and not in there yourself, but if you were hope your feeling better nowI get the heebie geebies in hospitals and try and get out as quick as I can, even to the point in my armie days climbing out a window when I was meant to be on bed rest in traction for another week LOL

  12. If it’s you, don’t stay too long, that view is depressing.

  13. Interesting pov through the blind (great minds eh?). I love the blue tone, just my sort of colour for the sky. You’ve taught me something today, hospitals look the same the world over!In any case I’m not sure if your words are fictional or fact but I guess you were in a hospital for a reason, I hope all is ok whether it be yourself or someone dear to you.

  14. I agree with commenter 1, a depressing view, just because of where the shot is taken from…. a hospital. Great composition though, and whomever it is… hope you get well in a flash

  15. Beautiful arcitecture, thru a window, I love it!BravoSwissCharles

  16. yep, if you’re the one in there, better get well soon, coz that view is somewhat depressing.. 😀

  17. Extremely well written description of an episode. It’s also paired with one of your finest images, but of course that’s subjective. Everyone has their own favorite on any site including their own.

  18. Great POV – love the venetian blinds as a reference – hospital can indeed be heavenly – if only fleetingly.

  19. Great… shot! Really funny story you posted with the slide. The colors tone add sometime vintage to the photo. And the mood remains creepy…

  20. Love the story you posted with this photo Elaine! Excellent POV as well!

  21. love this voyeuristic take through the blinds — reminds me of the early 80s and Miami Vice in particular!! 🙂

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