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28 comments on “ghosted”

  1. haha i love your snoop dogg commentary! haha…. cute photo yet mysterious =D

  2. The dog from hell … I like it

  3. Cool effect, spooky, I like it!

  4. hehe, lovely little creature, a ghost dog maybe.

  5. Nice close-up! Love the light..the texture..the blurr.Ghostly – is a perfect description.

  6. woo scary. great light

  7. Scaring…! Gret framingand tones Love it!

  8. blur is perfect.. atypical shot, and that’s what I like

  9. Lovely shot Elaine. I love shots that capture the character of animals in a different way. As the light glints in her eye she looks rather mischievous! How old is your dog??

  10. Did you ever see the horror film, ‘THE HOWLING’… ha haTerrific shot, Elaine, this rocks

  11. Horror scene you offer to my mind. ı can imagine long tooth’s ready to cut my trachea…

  12. Does she say “Boo !” ? Ok, so it’s me ! :))

  13. great tones and blur – very scary image

  14. She’s not a bit camera shy. I tried to take pics of our Yorkies again over the weekend. They thought I was trying to kill them:-)

  15. Very captivating eyes, the blur really adds to it. Nice job 🙂

  16. Whoo scary 🙂 great processing, you got the ghost feel here and a great mood as well.

  17. hahah … very cool shot … beware of the dog 😉

  18. What an ‘atomic dog’.

  19. I love your photos. Many will try to get the sharpest image, the best light, the best composition.. But in your case, the photos seems to come from within. You don’t care about the technical part – you just let yourself show. Keep it up, it’s original and refreshing 🙂

  20. I don’t think this is scary at all.I’ve seen the look before, roughly translated this is “Will you just put the damn camera down, don’t you realise it’s dinner time?”She’s a cutie ;O)

  21. Nice toning for a dreamy portrait!SwissCharles

  22. he really got his face right in the lens for this shot didnt he, such a cool shot

  23. i like how this shot gave him “attitude”.. 😀 pretty cool one actually.. nice work.. 🙂

  24. That ain’t snoop dog that’s Parliament, am I right?Great photo.l He’s cute and cujo at the same time. I’m particularly fond of quadrant II. ahem.

  25. Yesterday your photo made me sad. Today you make me laugh! This little one has ATTITUDE! Love it!!

  26. Very cool, this seems like a still from a movie. I like how the blur gives it a sense of impending action.

  27. I’m your worst nightmare and I’m bad to the bone. Cool shot!

  28. Very cool shot! Et toujours cette signature qui te caractérise! Il est trop mignon en plus ! Génial !

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