28 thoughts on “ghosted

  1. Lovely shot Elaine. I love shots that capture the character of animals in a different way. As the light glints in her eye she looks rather mischievous! How old is your dog??

  2. I love your photos. Many will try to get the sharpest image, the best light, the best composition.. But in your case, the photos seems to come from within. You don’t care about the technical part – you just let yourself show. Keep it up, it’s original and refreshing 🙂

  3. I don’t think this is scary at all.I’ve seen the look before, roughly translated this is “Will you just put the damn camera down, don’t you realise it’s dinner time?”She’s a cutie ;O)

  4. That ain’t snoop dog that’s Parliament, am I right?Great photo.l He’s cute and cujo at the same time. I’m particularly fond of quadrant II. ahem.

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