Sometimes the temptation to snatch and grab, then run, is very real 🙂

26 thoughts on “good things come in boxes

  1. heh. “Contents: Coffee”. Go figure.I like how the light just tears through that one box. It’s kind of like the Ark of the Covenant in the first Indiana Jones movie when it melts everybody. Good thing you didn’t take it.

  2. I like 613 interpretation here 🙂 I can almost see someone stealing a Starbuck cardboard box (cause it is almost its weight in gold with the price they charge) and melt away when they open it LOL.Great light and processing, works very good in monotone as well

  3. Very creative composition – processing and Your ingeniousness from the usual painting of the reality as usual create something unsually original… Bravo Elaine!

  4. I like the light and shade in this. Mines a very large (can’t remember what they call it) Latte, with vanilla syrup and round about eight sugars please :O)

  5. Excellent capture Elaine, one of my favorite cups of java. Great idea to stockpile coffee, I’m sure the shelf life is rather long. Like the way you framed and composed this shot, nice one Elaine.

  6. I love Starbucks coffee, but my Sister and brother in law over in Sidney, BC, hate the stuff! They say it always tastes burnt…. I say, pass it on over my way and it will receive a warm welcome Ha haElaine, stealing…… I’m shocked (send some overto me when you’ve pinched it)

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