The Little Dog’s Day by Rupert Brooke

All in the town were still asleep,
When the sun came up with a shout and a leap.
In the lonely streets unseen by man,
A little dog danced. And the day began.

21 thoughts on “The Little Dog

  1. Doesn’t look like she is about to dance though, maybe she just finished… she looks rather far far away in her own doggy world in this shot… awesome shot I might add. Shes pretty too πŸ™‚

  2. don’t bother me now… he/she says… let me snooze. oh yeah, my latest shot was taken kneeling down, i don’t think you would count 5 foot 8 as short? haha… because that’s my height. anyway, good luck on quitting smoking! =D

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how expressive their little faces can be, like you know just what it is they want from a look.She looks distant, thoughtful and it’s well captured because mine would have had his nose on the lens!Good luck with your cold turkey, you’re braver than me, don’t forget to visit though, needing your opinion today!! :O)

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