holding hands

When you feel alone
just look at the spaces
between your fingers
remember that’s
where mine fit 

23 comments on “holding hands”

  1. beautiful …. Elaine

  2. Very sweet photo. Good luck in quitting…it’s gonna be hard but you can do it.

  3. Strong image that says it all… If we all could hold hand a bit more the world would be a better place, and smokers couldn’t smoke 😉 he he… sorry couldn’t resist. You can do it!! and if you miss commenting on my crappy pics, I still would come and look at your pictures 🙂

  4. Very touching words. Sweet image:-)

  5. So romantic, love it!

  6. Great photo (and processing) and the words are wonderful.Quitting smoking – good for you! I wish you luck. Not that you need it stop, but you might need it to keep from smacking people! 🙂

  7. A very precious image and words, Elaine. No matter our perspective, religion, faith, creed, or take on life, we should all practice being a little more tender, loving and receptive to our fellow Earth dwellers.The world is a marvellous thing, and we are so privileged to enjoy time on this planet, I just wish we would stop fighting and spread a little more kindness and love, as we are a long time dead.

  8. lovely shot, i like the processing

  9. full of meaning, beautiful shot

  10. A wonderful capture which really catches my attention. The colors and the processing is perfect for that shot!

  11. My hand, your hand, our hands – love that !

  12. That’s a beautiful way of looking at such situation, but from some reason it made me even sadder.The photo seems to be a more final, like saying a farewell, and not optimistic as “see you soon”.The poem is touching. It’s beautiful .Thanks Elaine.

  13. Lovely composition ! Beautiful !

  14. Quitting smoking … you must busy now your hands with something other … I know something … make further such pictures … good luck 😉

  15. Something about hands. They hold and tell so many stories. Wonderful light in this image.

  16. very beutiful image and words

  17. Bonjour,Good idea..Unusual effect..bravo!

  18. This is such a simple but powerful image. I like the “fast film” grain.When all’s said and done it those who are dear to us that really matter in this world, the rest can fall by the wayside.Answers to your questions on my last image are in yesterday’s comments section btw ;O)

  19. If i had a chance to name this photo, i’d call it love and affection! Nice!

  20. wonderful romantic capture,Love the words there so sweetGood luck with the quitting you can do it 🙂

  21. nice shot and ..ooh! great words.. now i know what to write on my wife’s valentine card.. mind if i borrow it? 😀

  22. Very touching photo Elaine. I really liked the poem you have posted with it as well.

  23. Lovely!

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