the tramp

my dog, the great Coco Chanel, wrestling with a bowl of spaghetti… like lady and the tramp 🙂

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  1. Exceptional capture. When John and me first got married we had my little Sheltie and we ate a lot of spaghetti. So did he:-)

  2. Mmm….spaghetti…yum. Nice bw.

  3. Nice capture…the mood here is interesting. Funny shot 🙂

  4. Little princess

  5. Is it cooking spaghetti or eating it with a fork? Pretty funny indeed 😀

  6. Is that pasta he’s eating??? Lucky pup!!!

  7. “Coco Chanel” lol … nice little idiosyncratic moment. Gotta love the idea of giving your pet a spaghetti serving – that’s flash!

  8. saucy little pup! 🙂 it’s cool how you integrated the lady and the tramp theme here.. 🙂 cool stuff..

  9. Yes, love the connection with ‘Lady and the tramp’. Nicely seen and captured, Elaine. A really fun image

  10. I really like seeing her eat such fine cuisine & in a very pretty dish too:-)

  11. Lol!!!Is this the Italian dog ???He tucks in spagetti how typical Italian…:)Funny shot!

  12. That dog’s no tramp! Nice picture as usual Elaine.

  13. Oh that is too funny! Looks like she is really enjoying it. And I was just sitting here trying to decide which type of pasta I’d be fixing for lunch! 🙂

  14. I didn’t know dogs ate sphagetti, yum.

  15. very funny … but dry pasta ?I hope she becomes next time something with meat … for example spaghetti Bolognese 🙂

  16. Don’t they just love it, Tez loves pasta too, especially mine. This is great, looks like a freeze frame from something, The Dog Whisperer! I can just see him popping up and teaching you how to get you pasta back but I’m sure your dog is not naughty-mine is ;O)Oh and I like the border today too.

  17. All dogs eats spaghetti or just yours??

  18. very cool capture,wtg on the not smoking hang in there you can do it, and tell me the same when I start quitting on monday

  19. Funny shot and title, but where is the mr? Very nice.

  20. Ha great capture. Really does remind me of that movie. My cat sometimes does this too when I give him a strand of spaghetti to play with.

  21. Well, that proves it. Models do eat :)She seems like she is in frenzy for that food, guess she had to starve herself a bit before the previous photo-shot 😀

  22. She sems to enjoy spagetty… 🙂 Great shot.SwissCharles

  23. Very funny. She seems a little less refined that the Disney dogs. You have to be willing to get real low sometimes to get a good shot. Great work.

  24. cool, dig it

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