floor as backdrop

i know this looks so staged, but it wasn’t, when you ask my niece to ‘pose’… well, you certainly don’t get this!

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  1. She’s beautiful. I’ve said that before. She looks a little sleepy. Like she’s watching TV and you called her name. Very natural.

  2. Lovely portrait, she’s so cute.

  3. Gorgeous portrait. Love the pose…and how she fills the frame…and your processing – as always – is wonderful!!!

  4. Ah, no tiny tantrums today! Ha haThis is a delightful portrait, Elaine, wondefully captured and as always, that processing of yours really brings something to the party. Very well done

  5. Awww, very cute, Elaine 🙂 “Floor as backdrop” – pretty cool title too!

  6. Cute – and bravo for the non-smoking attitude !!!

  7. sweet portrait

  8. Well captured! Pose or not – she looks very satisfied being photographed 🙂

  9. Cute portrait…the camera loves her 🙂

  10. it’s a nicely taken shot; however posed she is!

  11. Simply a lovely portrait and not staged, so well done for capturing the moment!Like the thumbnails down the left 😉

  12. Nicely done! I love that spot of light she is sitting in. Great model you got there, she looks like she is used to a camera around her 🙂

  13. Here! Here! To that. My son is the same age–same thing tounges out, eyes squinted closed–never a good pose. Nice pic–I love the background colors looks as though it is the achieved look.

  14. Mmm… this is how kids behave: just the opposite as adults expect… this is why they are so cutes!! Very nice portrait… and wooden floor!! ;-)Congrats for all this non-smoked cigarretes… Bravo!!!

  15. the pose looks really cool.. like shot in a studio.. 😀 the ‘fade to black’ backdrop is what i find really cool though.. 🙂

  16. Wonderful portraitgreat work 🙂

  17. I can tell she is cool and sweet like me.Really wonderful capture!!

  18. Great shot, looks like she is taking a break.

  19. I love her poser and gesture, lovely portrait.SwissCharles

  20. excellent portrait. so natural and beautiful, like all children should be. i like the just a little bit desaturated colors.

  21. She’s very beautiful! Et puis elle prend la pose en plus … j’ai comme le sentiment qu’elle est habituée 😉 Très joli portrait . Bravo Elaine!

  22. Cute and charming portrait… Very natural…I like your angle and the PP

  23. cute, and well-framed, and not at all staged

  24. I love this photo Elaine.

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