choppin’ heads

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  1. Nice capture Elaine! I like the processing too. Fun shot.

  2. Fun capture, love the angle and processing.

  3. They lost their head being so much close, great friends playing like crazy – cool !

  4. I’m liking your layout here, the photo is really cool, the glowing effect give this image a interesting take.

  5. c’mon, chop-chop!

  6. i like this joyful kind of shot!

  7. Love teh glow of her young skin. Beautiful light!

  8. Nice composition. Her hair is so beautiful in this capture.

  9. What a beautiful image! And a great procesing! Well done!

  10. ” Look, what part of “If you don’t put me down right this second, I will pee all over your pretty green dress! “, don’t you understand? Ha haCool shot, Elaine

  11. very nice photoshop work

  12. beautiful picture!

  13. Nice fun shot. There’s something I always say and that’s every kid should have a dog, life’s just not the same without them :O)

  14. Lovely – and your title made me laugh!

  15. Grrrr! “chopin” doesn’t appears in my spanish-english dictionary, …. never mind, this shot is huge, and a new processing, cool!!

  16. It took ten minutes for the image to load, but it was worth it to see whether or not you’d literally chopped someone’s head off. You know, with the nicotine withdrawal and everything.

  17. Nice shot, looks like they are having a bit of fun 🙂

  18. a conversation between the master and pet perhaps? 🙂 cool shot..

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