the pillow

Gregory K. 

I have a perfect pillow, and I use it every night.
The moment I lay down on it, I’m out just like a light.
It’s not too soft and not too firm. It’s not too high or low.
It doesn’t have a hollow where my head is forced to go.
It lets me snooze and deeply doze. I sleep the whole night through…
But the reason it’s so perfect is it makes my dreams come true.

23 comments on “the pillow”

  1. Nice blurry effect and pov, great shot!

  2. hehe, cool perspective

  3. really a great pov and nice blur effect

  4. He certainly is enjoying that pillow. The pillow is strangely so close to us, most of our life. Protecting us in our dreams.

  5. Looks like that great moment of surrender…when you climb into bed to go to sleep. Love the colors in this.

  6. I agree with Marcie… Great work.

  7. The textures you are using are amazing in fact all of your post work is great Candid photos are the best 10/10

  8. I laughed at this one. I could almost hear him say “Please! Just leave me alone and let me sleep!” :DGreat and very private moment

  9. As the photograph uploaded, my eyes deceived me and I saw the pale pillow as the skin of a ladies body….. naughty, naughty thought I!Then I wondered who the mysterious lady would be if you were taking the photograph!So then I wondered who would be taking a photograph of you and hubby, if it was perhaps your skin, and I thought, ‘allo, that’s a bit kinky!And then I realised it was a pillow and thought, ‘silly me’, I’d better not admit to Elaine what I first thought…..Oh…erm….d’oh!

  10. This is your own and only style. “The art of the daily life”. Hurrah for the good pillows!!

  11. I need a pillow like that:-)

  12. what i’d give to be in that position right now.. i’m soo sleepy.. haha.. cool shot! 😀

  13. very cool compo and colours … is he tired after a pillow figth 😉

  14. Caught napping again! I like the colour, vignette and the grain but most of all I liked the poem. Did you write that? It’s really good 🙂

  15. very nice post processing, a dreamy-like image Elaine!

  16. Ha a dreamy feeling to it which is perfect for this shot!

  17. The pillow will not tell the secrets….!Cool effect.

  18. He looks knocked out, nice of you to not use flash :)Nice one 🙂

  19. Very Shagadelic!

  20. He looks exhausted !Like the gritty feel of the image.

  21. sleeping peacefully, wonderful processing

  22. I’m thinking you put sleeping pills in his food just so that you can photograph him. This man is completely out.Great shot…love the green hue in the highlights.

  23. The pic and the words complete each other. Beautiful capture

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