road ashtray

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  1. Nice find, I like the yellow on black and how the rusty grate complements it all.

  2. Nice capture, Elaine! I like the wet pavement and the slight shine. Nice gritty feel and detail.

  3. lol bigtime at your title. I had my thoughts collected to tell you how much I liked this composition and the color saturation and when the comment box popped up I noticed the title and started laughing. Now, I’m ruined on waxing eloquent.

  4. Great shot, love the textures and the yellow lines.

  5. very cool framingbut i hope you haven’t used that ashtray if you know what i mean 🙂

  6. Wonderful textures and colors. Good eye!

  7. Great textures & colors down here ! Everywhere we put our eyes there could be gems – so cool !

  8. love the details and colous on the asphalt

  9. That smoking stop really is nagging you. Seeing smokes and ashtrays all over 😉 Love the colors and and saturation, rust is one of my favorites. Cool!

  10. excellent patterns. have you noticed that the “ashtray” looks a lot like the rss logo? 🙂

  11. I *like* this – the asphalt looks brilliant, and I love the black border. Cool/awesome/rock-on! ;)Re the smoking ban, tell me you haven’t lapsed!

  12. de bouche en bouche, ainsi vont les égouts !

  13. A very colorful ash tray!

  14. I like the bold yellow against the pattern of the grate.

  15. looks terrific large: love the grainy greys and those popping yellows!!

  16. Absolutely GREAT picture Elaine, I like the industrial look and texture of it all–the yellow creates a boldness like a highlighter.

  17. great find and colours!lol … now you find everywhere ashtrays 🙂

  18. I like the textures, the colors and the way you framed the image

  19. HA HA Hope that is not you’re butt! Cool shot the texture just jumps off the screen.

  20. Lovely tiny green paper clip over there! Must be feeling vrey lonely!

  21. hmm.. nice idea.. i never thought of it as such.. i mean, as a ‘road ashtray’ 🙂 great shot, it looks like an rss feed icon too.. 😀

  22. Elaine, I don’t know what to add to the previous comments, I’m not inspired today. Of course, the photo is superb, a powerful visual composition.

  23. This is cool, cool, cool. I really love the contrast with the gritty tarmac and yellow lines. The tones on the drain cover are great. Now I know I’m an odd sod but do you know what I really like?? The bright green paper clip, it’s just totally out of context, why’s it there, who put it there??? Can you tell how much I like this one? It’s the only thing that’s made me smile today! Maybe another album cover ;O)Oh and no one seemed to get yesterday’s (mine), back to the drawing board 🙁

  24. Neat find and shot!

  25. Looks like the symbol of a RSS feed.Colorful. Nicely spotted.

  26. Yep, cracking shot..I love the comp and processing.

  27. Great shot, like the wet asphalt against the yellow and the rusty “ashtray”.. very cool

  28. Beautiful, Elaine. This is my kinda shot for sure.

  29. Wow cool shot! I love the fading yellow lines and the cool curved shapes of the storm drain.

  30. I laughed so hard at this one! At first I thought it’s a new gimmick for RSS button :DThen I saw I’m not the only one who seen this which made me laugh even more.Great!

  31. this is really ace… you know i love this kind of shot.. the yellow paint is what makes it really.. cool frame too.

  32. Nicely spotted and photographed. Is this how a smoker sees the world? (Not an editorial comment – just curious).

  33. Excellent, could be part of lost things :)I like itSwissCharles

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