my hubby and my dog dance the great couch dance of sleep…

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  1. Ahh perrrfect relaxation, don’t look like she is quite asleep yet though.A picture full of nice and warm coziness. Nice work

  2. She sees you:-)

  3. She’s keeping an eye on you. Great shot and processing.

  4. A wonderful capture!

  5. having spent most of the night up nursing an ill child I am jealous of their slumber !

  6. coollove how they are composed

  7. nice relaxing moment, i like the process too and the lazy dog.

  8. Nite nite, sleep tight, cute guyzzz !

  9. I’m a huge fan of this type of processing. and this is a great example. A “normal” image given a huge kick to make it something totally different. Very nice.

  10. Does he know you photograph him while he is sleeping your dog sure does 🙂 excellent post work !!

  11. she’s seems to be in heaven, too sweet

  12. It always tickles me when pets look at you upside down – and it’s usually with a look of total, zombied-out, gluttonous contentment in their eyes 🙂 (Your doggie looks sharper-minded tho lol)

  13. What an appealing image Elaine. So peaceful, absolutely a lovely shot. Like the lighting effect too. Nice one Elaine.

  14. ” Oh man, I don’t know what’s worse – his snoring or his breath! The things us Dogs have to put up with! ” Ha haCool shot, and super processing, Elaine

  15. Love the light in this one. He looks totally content!

  16. Who said it’s a dogs life…… it looks quite contented there.

  17. Aaah…I remember seeing a similar shot earlier. They look real cozy 🙂

  18. your favorite theme – you getting better image by image

  19. Ahhh a picture of both of the dogs in your life. I really like the spot light effect!

  20. if he slept like that the whole night, i wonder if dogs experience stiff neck.. hmm.. something to think about.. 🙂 nice shot..

  21. This guy seems to sleep a lot.

  22. just lovely elaine. the dog seems not to be quite comfortable :))

  23. Beautiful! I know that scene only too well – which is one of the reasons I no longer have a couch. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to nap!!!!!

  24. But the dogs always have one ear/eye open don’t they? Touch that camera and they’re looking at you. It’s a lovely image, I’m off to curl up with my dog-if he lets me have any room! 🙂

  25. Beautiful lighting on this! What a great couple of models you have.

  26. Funny shot ! Looks like the dog don’t want to sleep anymore !

  27. I remember you had something similar to this, but still, I can’t stop enjoining how much personal your photos seems to be.

  28. up & down!! 🙂 beautiful light, extraordinary composition!!! xxx

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