oh you know the city shines when our love becomes electric

32 thoughts on “When love becomes Electric

  1. doesn’t seem electric this love. seems more like sad. are you sure isn’t after one has been electrified? 🙂 jokingnice processing technique. the textures are amazing

  2. Like it, kid 🙂 Thought you had a map overlay of British Columbia top-right originally but now I see it’s snowy tree branches 🙂 Dude, your textures are always just so cool.

  3. That is amazing view!Seems so simple, yet the layers of snow, earth and cement looks awesome. And with that electric pole behind the frame gets a very industrial feeling – The grunge processing add to that even more.Wow!

  4. I took something so similar just the other day! Now I’ll have to wait a while before posting or it will look like I am copying you 🙂

  5. Huh? Have a started a trend? Wait till you see my post for tomorrow (taken weeks ago I might add). Anyway, nice shot – like the texturey-ness of it. And that tower does have a kind of feminine look it, so I can see the love allegory.

  6. Oh you have short dumpy versions, ours are tall, you’d think they’d be the same really!? Nice shot and I really like the textures today :O)

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