When love becomes Electric

oh you know the city shines when our love becomes electric

32 comments on “When love becomes Electric”

  1. The power of love….Great processing, nice textures and tones.

  2. les couleurs et le rendu sont superbes !!

  3. doesn’t seem electric this love. seems more like sad. are you sure isn’t after one has been electrified? 🙂 jokingnice processing technique. the textures are amazing

  4. so finally here it isvery cool, dig ityours is better than mine

  5. Elaine excellent the texture you used really stands out me like this one !!!

  6. Now I like this a lot. There is a sense of history, narrative and almost sorrow embedded in the image. Top Notch.

  7. Now this is nice. Great layers of contrast with some sublime processing. Great work.

  8. Modern splendor, pollution & great graphism, nature spoiled and magnified : love all the contradictions (of our world) here !

  9. Love the texture-effect. Wonderful mood you’ve created.

  10. lovely use of your textures and the toning is spot on.Thanks

  11. Like it, kid 🙂 Thought you had a map overlay of British Columbia top-right originally but now I see it’s snowy tree branches 🙂 Dude, your textures are always just so cool.

  12. This is a very powerful and sentimental picture in deed!

  13. Exceptional work, Elaine. The capture is perfect for the treatment. I really like this.

  14. Great title, your processing and textures here is superb and inspiring

  15. Hopefully power will keep running through these for a long time.

  16. very nice…i like the textures and tones.

  17. Superb, Elaine. A fave straight away, no question. Fabulous work

  18. great work with applying the textures and setting the mood for this shot.. it looks great! 🙂

  19. That is amazing view!Seems so simple, yet the layers of snow, earth and cement looks awesome. And with that electric pole behind the frame gets a very industrial feeling – The grunge processing add to that even more.Wow!

  20. I took something so similar just the other day! Now I’ll have to wait a while before posting or it will look like I am copying you 🙂

  21. Huh? Have a started a trend? Wait till you see my post for tomorrow (taken weeks ago I might add). Anyway, nice shot – like the texturey-ness of it. And that tower does have a kind of feminine look it, so I can see the love allegory.

  22. Talking about some nasty looking smog. Cool treatment!

  23. What a nice capture of a significative sculpture left by our contemporary society,Great witness, nicely packaged :)SwissCharles

  24. Oh you have short dumpy versions, ours are tall, you’d think they’d be the same really!? Nice shot and I really like the textures today :O)

  25. Don’t really get the title…image seems cold and utilitarian to me. But I love it. The texture is a nice touch.

  26. Like an old postcard, dirty, scratched and… fascinating.And thank you for the old-fashined clip… back to the 80’s!!! Cool!!

  27. Very cool shot, really like the way you presented this. Dig it, cool texture too 🙂

  28. Nice toning and composition.

  29. Too much cool and vintage… Elaine you search far to find it all.

  30. Wow really cool. I like how imposing those electric towers are. They look almost like giant robots!

  31. Excellent work and compo. Bravo!

  32. Brilliant! Your treatment really enhances the composition and mood here. I think this is one of our best…I love this!

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