flag over georgia

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  1. I like this Elaine. It’s like abstract art. Very minimal and the colors are very nice.

  2. Cool processing, nice and bright. Love the lines too.

  3. ur pictures r speciall ,sometimes I think about them:)

  4. cool post processi wonder how it looked before πŸ™‚

  5. Elaine great shot I really like the texture of this one πŸ™‚ more doggy photos please !!

  6. very nice process, great texture

  7. Nice beautiful tones…love the abstract feel πŸ™‚

  8. so was this taken from the window of the six flags bus?

  9. Super abstract art!

  10. Love the textures and the mood you’ve created. Something mysterious…

  11. Great work. sometimes you just have to crank up the PP to 11 to get something different. This I Like.

  12. Wonderful abstract mystery sort of shot, super cool

  13. Ultra cool, Elaine, I love the creativity in these shots of yours. Another fave, for sure. And also thanks for your comment, you really hit the nail on the head for me, thank you

  14. Strange & great, i love the green tones a lot (at my place, it was a reflection on a car light ;o)

  15. Without the video it’s not possible to identify the scenery. Very good shot and idea…

  16. an image that permits to imagine things – nice treatment as always

  17. How spooky: I caught the ending of Ray on TV a few hours ago, wherein they talk about “Georgia on my mind” and its political influence … I guess your picture isn’t related to the theme/that subtext, or perhaps it is, but … coincidences haunt me so!! :-)(ps. they were photographing a … um, lion. πŸ™‚ It might have been cooler if they were shooting Meg or Tom, but nope, a boring ol’ lion. And so goes life in the UK :-))

  18. faded and mysterious and quite like a watercolour finish. nice.

  19. i like your title a lot. and the processing is beautiful also. one of my favorites from your portfolio.

  20. i like the mood portrayed in this image.. nice work.. πŸ™‚

  21. Great PP as usual, I really like the textures you’ve used today, it’s given a mysterious feeling.

  22. Yes, nearly abstract… and very appealing!!

  23. Crazy vintage feel to this. Makes me think of World War II, I have no idea why.

  24. Awesome processing, I want a bus like that 6Flags guy.

  25. A moody shot, nicely done.

  26. Great shot, really like the mood in this, as usual great processing.

  27. oh, wow. This is super good. It’s like the last moment of civilization…a hydrogen bomb is going off before our very eyes. Blinded by the flash.

  28. I really like the washed out look of this photo! Its cool how you can just make out the flag.

  29. as usual great processing … outstanding !!!

  30. Fading in time, the wires are so strong and balance this frame nicely. I like these subtle textures, or perhaps they are reflections.

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