Apocalypse Now

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  1. Love these vivid colors. They totally transform the scene.

  2. Title fitting for the image, the colors are very vivid and toegther with the title it gives the imagination a boost… Excellent processing again

  3. Cool processing, love the colours and the title too.

  4. Great colouring and very cool processing.

  5. great proportions and processingwas this construction stopped by the recession?

  6. Love your beautiful color treatment.

  7. It really does feel like the end-of-the-world. Aa always – love your creative processing.

  8. Love these colors, your green is beautiful, and these buildings look like great combs for giants !

  9. Whoa – this is one of your best Elaine. Wicked cool! Love those colors.

  10. Great color treatment, very appropriate for the subject.

  11. Great that the buildings are not yet finished. Excellent PS and perfect title !

  12. Yes…looks definitely post apocalyptic…nice processing 🙂

  13. This amazing image leaps from the screen and grabs me by the throat like a neon junkie looking for a few easy dollars…..Stunning. Ya gotta love those stealth bombs that wipe out the dumb ape, mankind, but leave the architecture untouched ha ha

  14. very nice texture and great work with colours

  15. As always your processing is fantastic. With the title and the processing this does remind me of what the after-effects of a global incident might look like! Well done you!!

  16. As allways some very unique textures Excellent !! at least I can see straight again 🙂

  17. Amazing processing here! This is art, lovely colours! Great work.

  18. Terrific blend of colors in this one.

  19. Nice colouring and great processing.SwissCharles

  20. wow … apocalypse now … excellent post-processing !

  21. cool title and it definitely goes well with this image.. it does have that doomsday feel to it.. great work! 🙂

  22. Marvelous color treatment. Very effective.

  23. I’m reminded of a song “The Planners Dream Goes Wrong” by The Jam, look it up if you don’t know it. Anyway I digress, it’s a cool shot with cool pp too, I don’t wanna live in one though, you just know the lift will break down when you’ve got all your shopping

  24. So ugly. Can’t we do better as a species then create monstrosities like this? Nice photo though…

  25. Superb film and breathtaking photo, nasty and depriment buildings. Though, I don’t see the relation with the film!!

  26. it almost looks like a screen print.. nice grain too..great shot..

  27. Cool processing that works well with the title , does have a doomsday feel

  28. Like this quite a bit. Some radical color shifts make it an eerie scene. Condo towers keep going up like this around here, too, in spite of the economic apocalypse.

  29. Love the vibrant colors. Amazing processing on this photo!

  30. You have a great site here and a really creative photoblog design. I love urban decay/apocalyptic shots–this is a great one.

  31. Apocalypse Now indeed.Reminded me those photos from China when you see whole neighborhood of slums turned into modern building place, where those poor souls live in a tiny apartments.Love the processing here, as usual 😛

  32. I like this – half built buildings are far more interesting than when they’re completed. Also, as others have said, fantastic colors.

  33. I like! For me the Apocalypse it’s built this tower where thousand of humanslive together without ever talking…

  34. Great post processing here. This is terrific.

  35. Awesome! I love this! The colors make me happy 😉

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