Country Roads

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  1. Very cool, like stepping back in time and looking at the natur through a dirty window some 20 years back in time… Nice work

  2. wow … looks like an old hand-colored postcard … excellent postwork as always!

  3. on ferait de la route pour voir les choses ainsi

  4. Yes! I agree with Walter…Very cool!

  5. that’s a nice landscape scene you captured while moving.. 🙂 nice shot! 😀

  6. You definitely have a beautiful mountainous landscape, Elaine. Great shot, like the motion effect and grain, gives the image a nostalgic feel to it.

  7. excellent colors and processing

  8. The best part of going on a trip is coming home 🙂


  10. Really cool landscape. Love the use of textures.

  11. From the days of yore when there was no such thing as a highway!

  12. Hey Elaine, you are back! Great photo. I like the post processing a lot.

  13. i like your use of textures here on this road shot. looks like a nice driveby shot! =D

  14. Absolutely gorgeous landscape and you know I love texture images. (Neat new design. Runs very smooth:-)

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